Can you identify this Brevard County home?
This is a photo in a Motlow family collection.   R.L. Motlow owned property in Titusville and Cocoa, Brevard Co. FL.  This location is not known, but I'd like to have that info.  Would like names of any men who can be identified.  Per a daughter of R.L. Motlow, he is the 4th man from the left -- hat cocked, hand on hip, wearing coat and tie.   Date of the photo is not known, but it was after telephone/telegraph were in area per poles in picture.    A.J. Townes

Robert Motlow Saloon
This is exterior of R.L. Motlow's saloon. It's believed he had saloons in Titusville, Cocoa, and the first saloon in Miami. The location of this one is unknown.  I'd like to have that info.

There's a contemporary description of a Motlow saloon with a live wildcat tied outside. Note the cage at left of the building with something in it.

The twe men pictured are not identified: Possibly R.L. Motlow and/or brother William Edward? Or another brother?  Or his business partner F.A. Losley?

Note sign on building at right: "R.L. Motlow I.W. Harper Whiskey, Nuff Sed" [I.W. Harper was a brand of whiskey; a jug with that name exists in a Motlow family collection]

Signs on two posts of front overhang appear to be "Harper Whiskey"

There's a contemporary newspaper item re Motlow opening a saloon with "ornamental iron."   Is that the pressed metal of this photo?     A.J. Townes


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